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Home Alone

by Rebecca on 2009-04-29

First of all, William is in Las Vegas all week. Heʼs there for “work,” though he told me that last night he had dinner at a place called Stripburger, so I can only imagine how hard they are working. He comes home on Friday. Yay! (Note: I know some of you have sent your husbands off for longer and far more dangerous endeavors than this one, and major snaps to you. You should know that I am a wimp.)

So, I am home alone this week. I had such good intentions of using my evenings to pack boxes, do some shopping for the house, maybe even some cleaning in anticipation of the move. Very noble and lofty aspirations. Instead, I am dangerously close to finishing off an entire pan of lemon bars and have been catching up on my views of NBCʼs Office on My fridge is full of leftovers to be eaten this week because I hate cooking for 1. (Though last night, I did pack up five boxes and pull out some kitchen stuff to be moved.)

Turns out that William motivates me a lot.

Also, I donʼt like being home alone at night. I have an active imagination. I just finished reading a mystery called The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl. Very good book, if you like mysteries. But thereʼs a scene where a crazy lady breaks into Charles Dickensʼ hotel room while heʼs sleeping and kidnaps him. I read that part right before I got ready for bed and was pretty spooked. I turned on all the lights in the apartment so that any potential kidnappers would know that I could see them just fine and scream really loud if necessary. And tucked myself very tightly into bed.

And last night I had a scary dream that wouldʼve been much less scary if William had been there to hug me when I woke up. I dreamed that our baby had been born and I hadnʼt seen her yet. But when they finally let me see her to feed her, she looked like me as a toddler and was already crawling and hungry but not interested in nursing. I was trying to figure out how I had given birth to such a large child and what in the world to feed her. And then at some point, we were all driving in a van (why?) trying to get somewhere in downtown Austin so that I could buy her some baby formula. The exit I wanted to take was closed, so I had to take the next exit, which required me to go up an amazingly steep hill. The hill was so steep that the van stalled and then flipped over and … then I woke up.

I canʼt wait until William comes home.