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First night and morning at the house

by William on 2009-05-24

Last night was our first night at the house. Itʼs about time! We have owned the house for almost a month now, and we hadnʼt spent the night in it until last night. We are patient people.

Greg Harward, a neighbor and member of our ward, told us that our neighborhood has a “rabbit problem”. I wasnʼt sure what to make of that until Rebecca and I looked out the window and saw a rabbit in our yard! We think it might be eating things out of our garden. Strangely, it didnʼt touch the peppers. Clearly it was not a true Texan rabbit if it could not handle the heat.

Our house is so much more comfortable now that we have places to sit. Rebecca did an excellent job matching the paint color to our furniture. I would have been sad if it didnʼt match, because it took a lot of work to paint.

When we eat dinner now, we donʼt have to look out the window and see someone elseʼs patio. We can look at our own! Also, there are no banging or crying noises coming from upstairs and no smelly cigarette smoke outside our front door.

We always get the best parking spot.

Our new home makes me happy, and I know Rebecca is happy here, too. We had a good nightʼs sleep and no trouble with the shower or anything else this morning, and we got to church earlier than we have all year. We love our house and our neighborhood, and we look forward to many happy years here.