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Youʼre pregnant?

by Rebecca on 2009-05-24

I think most of you know that I am expecting a baby girl on August 4 (or thereabouts). But I am still, yes, still getting people coming up to me at church or at work to say, “Are you pregnant? I had no idea!” And then I tell them that I am at 30 weeks, and they usually look even more surprised. This makes me smile because that implies that I havenʼt gotten terribly large. And I havenʼt had to have a million versions of the “How have you been feeling?” conversation.

I donʼt want this to turn into a mommy blog, at least just yet, but I suppose that I should put at least one pregnancy picture here for the record. What do you think?

I should also note that I really, really like this shirt, which my friend Liz lent me. I canʼt promise that she will get it back …