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A major award

by Rebecca on 2009-05-29

Thereʼs a fun new food blog called Foodie Giveaway. Once or twice a week, readers have the opportunity to win food-related products, like cookbooks or seasoning mixes. Itʼs ridiculously easy to enter the giveaways — just leave a comment or two or three on the blog. Much better than some sites where you have to enter your full name, mailing address, email address, home phone number, cell phone number, husbandʼs favorite ice cream flavor, and the estimated number of children that you plan to have in the next 6 years, just to enter. And then you donʼt win anything, but you start getting a bunch of emails from the company when all you wanted was to get a $2 off coupon for a tub of heart-healthy margarine.

So, I was excited about Foodie Giveaway, since they have some pretty nice things on there. And the blog just started last month, so I imagine that the giveaways will get bigger and better as more people subscribe to it and the author finds more sponsors.

The best part is that Iʼve already won a prize. I left a comment on one of their giveaways about spaghetti carbonara being just about the best pasta dish on the planet, and a few days later, I found that I had won a box of spaghetti. Thatʼs almost as good as a coupon for $2 off a tub of heart-healthy margarine.

Anyway, now you all know about Foodie Giveaway and will enter the contests in ridiculous numbers, thus dashing the odds of my ever winning anything better than a box of spaghetti. But it was fun while it lasted!

(And Natalie, consider this a challenge from me to you to find a decent recipe for spaghetti carbonara. Itʼs just butter, cream, cheese, eggs, bacon, and pasta, but I have yet to find the winning combination that instantly transports me back to Piazza Pellegrini in San Francisco … Are you up for it?)