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Showered with Love

by Rebecca on 2009-07-19

Iʼm three weeks away from having a baby in the house. Seriously, whatʼs up with that? Anyway, I had two baby showers several weeks ago, one with my friends and family and another at work. They were both loads of fun, and now we have a house full of baby loot that we donʼt really understand.

Baby Shower 1

My friend Michelle offered to throw me a shower first, and then a bunch of other people offered to throw me one. I just told them to call Michelle and offer to help her out. (I just read her blog about that day, and it sounds like she was super stressed out, even though she was totally calm and collected that day.) She made yummy food (chicken salad, croissants, veggie tray, and the cute cupcakes that you see in the picture above.) The game was easy and not in the least embarrassing. (I donʼt understand why shower games are typically designed to make the mom-to-be, or bride-to-be, for that matter, to feel even more awkward and incompetent than she is already feeling.) Here are some of the OK pictures. There were more pictures, but I look really dorky when Iʼm excited, apparently.

This is what my mom gave me. Everyone in my family has a tie-dye t-shirt for emergency situations. That way, if we get separated, you can go around and say, “Have you seen a small hippie family wearing tie dye t-shirts?” and people will remember the shirts and help them locate us. It works in theory, at least.

Here I am with one of many of her outfits. Though, I think this might be PJs instead of a real outfit.

And this picture makes me laugh because my friend Shiloh is due a week before I am, and we ended up wearing the same maternity top that day. I think someone else has told me they have that top, too. But itʼs one of my favorites, and Iʼm going to miss wearing it.\

Baby Shower 2

Hereʼs the cake. We were eating this for the next 4 days and still threw away like a quarter of it.

The decorations here were so cute! Those rosebuds were actually baby socks, so now I have about two dozen teeny socks in different colors. Way more useful than a bunch of dead flowers.

Hereʼs a belly shot of me with my cake.

William came to this shower with me, and all the ladies got to fuss over him. Later, one of them asked me if he was European, because he is so “exotic looking.” And they were kind of sad that he didnʼt wear his Trilby hat.

Hereʼs one of the cute outfits that we got. Looks a little small on William but should be darling on our baby.

Thanks to all for the fun times! Canʼt wait to try out some of the fun things on the baby!