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Things I Love About Emily

by Rebecca on 2009-09-02


Emily just passed the three-week mark on Monday. Time flies! Iʼm settling into my new role of stay-at-home mom, but it has been an adjustment, to be sure. Itʼs a good thing that Emily is a pretty easy baby, most of the time. One of the shower gifts that I got was a baby book, but I havenʼt done a single thing to update it. But there are things that I want to remember about her at this tiny, fresh baby stage, so Iʼll just put them here.

  1. Her eyes are so blue and shiny. She has pale eyelashes and eyebrows that are really hard to see, except in good light.
  2. When sheʼs hungry, she holds out her right arm in a way that makes it look like sheʼs beseeching someone, anyone, to feed her, kind of like a gesture Charlton Heston would make. I think itʼs really funny.
  3. When we bathe her and dry her hair just right, it sticks straight up and stays up until the next time we wash it. I really need to get a picture of it.
  4. When sheʼs falling asleep, she makes the funniest faces ranging from frowns to smiles to perfectly round little lips. And sometimes her eyes open and shut randomly.
  5. She seems to prefer being naked. Uh oh.
  6. Her cries sound just like sheʼs saying, “Waaa. Waaa. Waaa.” I know, thatʼs a dumb thing to say, but it really does sound just like that.
  7. When sheʼs thinking hard, her forehead crinkles up like an old manʼs forehead.
  8. Weʼve been forced to supplement her feedings with formula, and when she finishes a bottle, she looks like sheʼs in a coma. “Man, that was good!” is what she seems to be thinking as she settles in for a long nap.

And to commemorate three weeks, I put her in her first 0-3 month outfit today. What do you think?