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Four Weeks!

by Rebecca on 2009-09-08

Emily was four weeks old yesterday and doesn'ʼt seem any worse for the wear. In fact, I think sheʼs getting cuter now that sheʼs starting to gain weight properly.

Yesterday, our ward had a Labor Day picnic at a park nearby. I was worried that Emily would get sunburned, so I bought her a hat at the Gap outlet. As luck would have it, she ended up not needing the hat just yet, which should give her a little time to grow into it.


(Also, please note that this hat is not pink, which means that it clashes with almost everything else that she owns.)

And my dad always says that babies look like Winston Churchill. You be the judge.


My favorite part about Emily is that her smile is about to burst out. Hereʼs just the slightest hint of a crooked smile. Thatʼs how we know sheʼs mine!