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Emily Update

by Rebecca on 2009-10-18

Emily is doing so well. Sheʼs sleeping through the night now (10 pm to 6 am) pretty predictably. Nothing really seems to get to her, so sheʼs pretty happy most of the time. She had her two-month checkup on Friday, which meant her first round of vaccinations. She cried for about 10 seconds and then settled down with a little bit of cuddling and fell asleep. Such a good baby! Here are some pictures to show what weʼve been doing with Emily lately.

Weʼve had a spate of cooler weather in the last few weeks, and I donʼt have much cool weather clothing for a tiny baby. So, weʼre going with the next best thing — blankets and a cap. The cap in this picture is from the hospital, but it still fits. Of course, she still kicks the blankets off in the night, I assume, because sheʼs hot. Thatʼs my girl!


Emily is starting to figure out what her hands can do for her. The other night, she was playing in her pack and play and I heard her making kind of a plaintive whimper. She had gotten the toy wrapped around her hand, much to her surprise. So, I untangled her and set the toy next to her and went back what I was working on. I heard the little whimpering again a few minutes later and found her just like this. She kept picking up the toy!


My grandmother gave Emily this bear last week, to honor her proud University of Texas heritage (dad, grandpa, an uncle, and several great uncles all went to UT). Since yesterday was the annual Red River Shootout between OU and UT, Emily decided to show a little team spirit by grabbing the bear and pulling it close to her. William has decided to call the bear … wait for it … Bear-vo.* Clever boy.


* Those of you not familiar with UTʼs longhorn mascot Bevo can read more about him here.