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In which Mom and I learn how to bake

by Rebecca on 2009-10-26

On Saturday, Mom and I went to San Antonio for a cooking demonstration sponsored by King Arthur Flour Company. (I love these people. They have fool-proof recipes, and their blog has so much good information for baking all kinds of breads.) Iʼve had it on my calendar for a few months and had really been looking forward to seeing it. The demonstration was on “Sweet Yeasted Breads.”

Except for two little kids there, I was easily the youngest person in attendance. Does that mean that people my age arenʼt that keen on baking? Sad! I had to laugh when the instructor asked, “How many of you are comfortable making yeast breads?” and about half of us raised our hands. I wonder if she was thinking, “Then why are you here?” But we had a good time all the same and managed to learn a few new things. The instructor made a basic sweet dough and then showed us how to shape a mock braid with poppyseed filling and a pan of sweet rolls.

The best part about the demonstration was the door prizes. Mom won a bag of 100% Organic Bread Flour, and Iʼm sure sheʼll find something tasty to make with that. Everyone in attendance received a recipe booklet from King Arthur Flour, a coupon for a bag of flour, recipes from Argos Baking Powder and Cabot Cheese company, a bowl scraper, and a $10 gift card for King Arthur products.

Door prizes

And using the recipe that was demonstrated, I was able to make these last night. Mmm.

Sweet bread