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Grandmaʼs Funeral

by Rebecca on 2009-11-01

This weekend, we went on a marathon road trip to Hammond, Louisiana, and back in 36 hours. I was slightly dreading the trip because we were (a) going to a funeral of a beloved family member, (b) traveling with a 2-month old, and (c) the drive is over 8 hours each way. But we managed to travel without incident and had a good time with our family. Emily was pretty much a dream traveler. She was either sleeping or eating during the car trip and timed her diaper changes just right, if you catch my meaning.

Grandmaʼs funeral was on Saturday morning at their local chapel. Along with the Texas bunch, we also had a cousin from Montana and a cousin from Arkansas join us. We all got to participate in the services. Mom, Carrie, and I shared memories of Grandmaʼs life, and Dad did the eulogy where he talked about how Grandmaʼs life illustrated different aspects of the Plan of Salvation. We also had good music that (we think) Grandma wouldʼve appreciated.

(Side note: please, if you will, write down the hymns that you want played at your respective funeral services. We had a heck of a time choosing the music because Grandma didnʼt leave any requests, and all Dad could think of was “On This Day of Joy and Gladness.” Clever, right? Though we didnʼt actually sing that song. So, do your families a favor and start thinking about this now.)

The people who attended the service all had such nice things to say about their friendships with Grandma and how much they will miss her. It was obvious that she was much beloved in her ward and community there.

My brother Mark dedicated the grave site. Grandmaʼs remains will be buried next to Grandpaʼs in the cemetery that they used to manage. The weather cooperated nicely, and it was a beautiful day for us to be out there.

The Relief Society provided lunch for our family, and boy, do those Louisiana ladies know how to cook! Talk about Southern hospitality. We were stuffed by the time we finished lunch and dessert.

We also got some good family photos. Itʼs amazing that this one came out, since the kids were all wiggly and excited. (And sorry Iʼm wearing the same dress here that I always wear. I really do have other clothes.)


Finally, a picture of me, William and Emily! I have so few pictures of us, probably because Iʼm always taking the pictures.

William, Rebecca, and Emily

Emilyʼs headbands do this, and it cracks me up every time. Poor baby is blindfolded, but all I can think to do is run for the camera.


And here, Emily is playing with her cousin Jacob. He has two brothers, so a girl is a novelty to him. He gets really excited and always says, “Hi, Baby Emʼly!” in his funny little voice when he sees her. Heʼs very gentle with her, which I think, is a lesson that has been drilled into him by his mother.

Jacob and Emily

We made it home last night around 11, and we were tired! We had a good weekend together and are grateful that we could all be together to pay our final respects to a great woman.