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The Many Faces of Emily

by Rebecca on 2009-11-15

Emily was 3 months old last Tuesday. I canʼt believe how fast the time has gone by, but Iʼm enjoying my cute baby girl. Her smile and laugh are coming out in full force and sheʼs starting to get better at rolling over. She usually spends her mornings practicing rolling over or grabbing her toys. And she is usually so calm and happy. Even last night at stake conference when she was beyond tired and hungry (and I totally forgot the diaper bag at home), she was just squirming around instead of screaming at us.

One of the things I love most about her is her expressive face. She has so many sweet and funny faces that she makes. I finally got smart and decided to keep the camera close by, instead of tucked away neatly in a drawer. These are some pictures that Iʼve taken over the last few days when weʼve been dinking around at home or on a walk.