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How to lose weight over Thanksgiving

by Rebecca on 2009-11-28

For Better or For Worse

If you can somehow manage, as I did, to contract strep throat just before Thanksgiving, the thought of eating anything will make you cringe with pain and keep you away from all of those otherwise tempting Thanksgiving dishes.

This is how my week was supposed to go.

Monday: William goes to work, and Emily and I hang out all day and have a marvelous time.

Tuesday: William goes to work, and Emily and I hang out all day and have a marvelous time.

Wednesday: William has the most boring day of work ever, and I stay home with Emily and start making things for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thursday: Thanksgiving dinner at our house with all of my family members there to join the fun. My parents take Emily home with them.

Friday: William and I go to Dallas for Mary and Lukeʼs wedding and stay there for two more days at a posh hotel.

Saturday: William and I explore Dallas all day and have a fancy dinner out.

Sunday: We drive back to Austin, along with all of creation, and get Emily back.

This is how it actually went.

Monday: William went to work, and I started feeling sick in the afternoon. Luckily Emily was really low-key that day, so I didnʼt have to do a lot to keep her happy.

Tuesday: I woke up with a killer sore throat and a raging fever and didnʼt get out of bed all day. William took a sick day from work and watched Emily all day.

Wednesday: After a sleepless night, I woke up still feeling terrible. William took another sick day to watch Emily. I went to the doctor and got a prescription for a mega antibiotic to treat strep throat. I figured that if I did have strep throat, I really didnʼt want to have to wait through a holiday weekend to get it treated.

Thursday: We cancelled Thanksgiving at our house. We cancelled our hotel reservation in Dallas. Mom and Dad came and took Emily anyway. I cried when she left.

Friday: William left at 7:30 for Dallas. I spent the entire day home alone in bed except for when I did manage to roast my turkey. Pretty much everything made me cry. No William, no Emily, no weekend in Dallas, no voice (yeah, my voice was gone by then), no Thanksgiving, no appetite even though I was starving all day. Oh, and our garage door broke, so I was trapped in the house.

Saturday: I felt well enough to get out of bed and start cooking Thanksgiving-like food. We had a family Thanksgiving meal here. And we got Emily back, and I was able to hold her and kiss her for the first time in five days.

Sunday: At least weʼre not stuck in the parking lot called I-35 driving back from Dallas …