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Four Months!

by Rebecca on 2009-12-10

Emily is four months old today! She celebrated it by sleeping until 8 and having a warm bottle when she woke up. Itʼs going to be a good day for her.

Sheʼs started doing a few new interesting things.

  • Her smile is much more regular now, and she beams when she sees me and William (and random strangers, too.)


  • Sheʼs still working on rolling over.
  • She clumsily turns the pages of books. Her favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
  • She loves to be on her stomach and can hold her head up really high.


  • Just this week, sheʼs started grabbing things and working on holding her toys.
  • She likes to pull her blanket over her face and then pull it off again. (Is that safe? I donʼt know, but itʼs really cute to watch her play peekaboo with herself.)
  • Sheʼs had some great belly laughs when I dress her in the morning. Something about being naked is really funny to her.


  • And finally, sheʼs started screeching. Sigh.