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A Post-Christmas Post

by Rebecca on 2009-12-31


I hope that everyone had as good a Christmas as we had. We spent Christmas Day with the Allens in New Braunfels and then headed to Waco for a belated celebration with the Jacksons. We also hosted my dadʼs extended family for a celebration here. Lots of driving and packing and unpacking and re-packing, but weʼre glad we were able to see everyone so easily.

I was trying to decide which pictures to post when I realized that most of the pictures are of Emily. I got one picture of the three of us, and thatʼs probably because Carrie said, “I want to take your picture!” So, anyway. Here are some of the cutest pictures from Christmas.


William propped her up here, and she stayed standing. She seems to prefer standing up to sitting or rolling over. Also, her onesie says, “Babyʼs First Christmas” and has pictures of reindeer on it. As youʼll see from the pictures below, it didnʼt make it through the day. And her pants were too big so they kept falling down.

Rebecca and Emily

Pretty much the only picture of me with Emily because either I was taking the picture or William was playing with her.

Carrie and Emily

Aunt Carrie and Emily had a great time getting decked out.

William and Emily

Opening presents

Emily did a pretty good job of opening her presents, except she kept eating the tissue paper.


And here we have one tired little girl who pulled out a lot of that teddy bearʼs fur.