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Rebeccaʼs Birthday

by Rebecca on 2010-01-24

I turned 31 on Tuesday. That almost seems like a bigger milestone than 30 because now I am firmly entrenched in my 30ʼs for the next few years. (Unless I decide to be one of those ladies that never goes past 39. Weʼll see.) It was a good day for me. Mom came up and took me to lunch. We had yummy Greek food and did some shopping at Michaelʼs.

Ann and Emily

When William got home from work, I opened my presents. I got two movies from Carrie, both of which we plan to watch a lot.


And William got me a cast iron skillet. Woo hoo! Now I just need to figure out what Iʼm going to cook in it. Any suggestions?


We had our friends Paul and Erin over for a dinner with deep dish pizza, Greek salad, and this amazing peanut butter pie that William made. So, so good!

It was a good birthday!