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Lost in Austen

by Rebecca on 2010-01-31

Thanks to my friend Rachel, William and I recently watched a British miniseries called Lost in Austen. Iʼd recommend it to any Pride and Prejudice fan with a caveat not to take it too seriously. To summarize, itʼs about an ardent admirer (smirk smirk) of Pride and Prejudice named Amanda who finds a portal into Regency England, smack dab in the middle of the plot of the book. Amanda somehow manages to screw up the entire plot of Pride and Prejudice and spends the next 2.5 hours trying in vain to correct it. You know, things like Jane marrying Mr. Collins, Mr. Wickham turning out to be completely adorable, and Mr. Bingley becoming a mopey drunk. Things get pretty confused, and any fan of the book probably canʼt help but feel a little forlorn to see the classic story twisted so far.

After we finally finished watching it, after all the plot twists and turns and surprising endings, William turned to me and sighed, “I think I need to watch Pride and Prejudice again, just so I know that all is right with the world.” How can I not love this guy?

PS: There is a great scene that spoofs Colin Firthʼs famous wet shirt scene from the BBC miniseries, which is by far the cleverest part in the whole show.