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Carrots for Emily

by Rebecca on 2010-02-17

We got our last box of vegetables from our CSA two weeks ago and have decided not to continue. As much as I love the idea of getting fresh-from-the-farm vegetables, I just couldnʼt handle how adventurous I had to be when using them. For instance, last summer, for at least eight weeks in a row, we were inundated with eggplants and peppers. And now I completely hate eggplant because Iʼm still sick of them. So, Iʼll just be picking out the veggies that I want when I want them and in a suitable quantity for two adults and an infant.

That said, our last box came with these.


And the box before that came with a similar sized bunch, only the carrots were shorter. And the box before that came with a bunch of teeny carrots. And of course, my limited imagination doesnʼt allow me to get very far past “carrot cake” when I wonder what to do with our carrot stockpile.

Emily to the rescue! I decided that she needed to learn to love carrots, which is something that I never did, though probably not for lack of effort on my parentsʼ parts. Anyway. I chopped, steamed, and pureed one pound of organic, farm-fresh carrots, and divided that up into an ice cube tray. Now whenever I need food for Emily, I take out one of the carrot cubes, thaw it in the refrigerator, and feed it to her over the next two or three days.

You can see for yourself how well itʼs going.