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Getting around

by Rebecca on 2010-04-29

I realize that Iʼve slightly neglected this blog and havenʼt really documented Emilyʼs latest achievements. But you should know that she now has two sharp bottom teeth and can crawl across the room. I donʼt have any good pictures of the sharp teeth. Itʼs a dangerous business, taking pictures of teeth in a baby who has recently learned what teeth are good for (biting). Just trust me when I say that they are there in fine form.

What I do have plenty of pictures (and a video!) of is Emilyʼs transition to crawling. Just a few weeks ago, we saw her doing this:

Roll, clap 3 times, and repeat across the room to her desired destination. It seemed to be working quite well and her aim was accurate enough. Life was good.

And then one day, she started crawling without any warning or explanation. And she has decided that she likes crawling even better than rolling! To me, she looks kind of like a crocodile sneaking up for a good bite (remember the sharp teeth?) but itʼs still very cute. See for yourself.

(Also, she should get bonus points for having such excellent taste in literature, no?)