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Happy Fatherʼs Day

by William on 2010-06-20

Emily on the slide

Today is my first Fatherʼs Day as a father. Emily recently discovered and fell in love with our slide. Well, I told her it was her slide, because sheʼs the only kid we have. Emily runs this place, did you know?

Also, Emily has not yet slid down the slide. She prefers to use it as more of a seat. But it makes her happy, so I wonʼt rush her into sliding anytime soon. She will continue to thoroughly enjoy sitting on her seat.

Today for Fatherʼs Day, Rebecca gave me a windshield visor and steering wheel cover for my car. The weather gets hot in the summer, you see, when you live in Texas, and I donʼt always have the opportunity to park my car in the shade. I have a hard time driving home from work when my steering wheel is hot enough to cook ground beef on, according to the windshield visor packaging. I could also cook a turkey on the dashboard.

Who needs a grill?