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Sprinkler Park and Friends

by Rebecca on 2010-08-29

Last week, Emily and I joined our friends Tiffany and Cassandra and their baby girls for a mom-venture at the sprinkler park. (Tiffanyʼs term, not to be confused with a “dad-venture” where a child does something fun with Dad.) All three babies were born within three months of each other, so we all compare notes on the ups and downs of keeping a baby alive and happy. And I loved seeing two of my favorite people from my single days. (Tiffany gets a shoutout for bringing me and William together, but thatʼs a story for another day.)

The sprinkler park is pretty much the best place ever to turn an almost-walker loose for a bit. Weʼve been twice now, and Emily comes home exhausted because she plays so hard. She crawls and splashes and plugs up the jets and gets squirted in the face and steals toys from shares toys with the other kids. Itʼs a great time.

Emily at the sprinkler park

Tiffany was nice enough to take these cute pictures for us.

Emily and Aly sharing toys at the sprinkler park

Emily and Aly sharing toys and a sprinkler jet.

Rebecca and Emily at the sprinkler park

I put this picture on here to show that Iʼm one of those moms thatʼs not afraid to get her hair wet. (We were there with a rich moms playgroup, and they all had perfect hair and makeup and ate Rice Krispy treats while their kids played. What fun is that??) Please excuse my cheesy grin.

Jillian and Emily

Emily and Jillian. Emily is kind of taken with Jillian because Jillian is an amazing walker and has the same color hair as Emily. They kind of look like twins to me.

Sharing snacks

These pictures crack me up because itʼs pretty much how the entire morning went. Emily had her tasty snacks and was enjoying them just fine, thank you. And then Jillian got interested. Aly was just trying to keep up with the two big girls.

Sharing snacks

Here Jillian has taken Emilyʼs snacks by some kind of force but is also interested in whatever Alyʼs eating. And Emily is cool with it all. Probably because by this point, sheʼd already eaten half of Jillianʼs banana.

Emily, Jillian, and Aly enjoying snacks on a picnic blanket

Emily is still cool. Jillian and Aly have their own little thing going on. Jillian is hogging all of the snacks and not sharing with anyone.

Thanks to all the girls for a fun morning!