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Donʼt Tell Anyone Itʼs a Secret but Weʼve Been Making Ice Cream

by William on 2010-09-14

We got an ice cream maker from a family that recently moved from our neighborhood to England. I can understand why. When moving to England, one would not want to take more than one absolutely needs. Also, the plugs are different over there.

Ice cream maker

Rebecca identified the model number of the ice cream maker and I found the ownerʼs manual online.

We decided to start with a recipe for vanilla ice cream. Rebecca procured the ingredients. We mixed everything together one fine Friday evening and chilled it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning we churned it and let it “cure” in our freezer all day.

Vanilla ice cream

We made six quarts and ate delicious vanilla ice cream almost every night for two weeks.

Not pictured: the chocolate ice cream we made next.