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Emilyʼs Words

by Rebecca on 2010-09-16

Emily and Rebecca

This post is more for my benefit, that is, to help me remember precious things about Emily, but feel free to keep reading if youʼre curious. Emilyʼs always been a chatty baby, and itʼs fun to hear her words start to take shape. I think sheʼs delighted that we can understand what sheʼs saying, and I donʼt mind it so much either. Hereʼs some of the words that she says right now.

  • Thank you (this was actually the first thing that I ever heard her articulate. Sheʼs so polite.)
  • Uh oh! (whenever she drops something or sees something on the floor that shouldnʼt be there.)
  • Dah! (for “dog”)
  • Mrrrow (for “cat”)
  • Ow! (when she bumps her head)
  • Bear
  • Lo (for “hello”)
  • Ball (oh, my goodness, does she ever know this word. I canʼt even take her to the toy section in Target because she starts shrieking “Ball! Ball!” whenever we get close to the cage full of bouncy balls)
  • Mmm! (for something tasty)
  • Ahh! (after taking a drink of water)

Weʼve also been trying to teach her baby sign language, and sheʼs finally getting the hang of it. She can do the signs for:

  • Thank you (again, such a polite little girl)
  • Bye-bye
  • Bear
  • Milk
  • Potty
  • Diaper
  • Cat
  • Juice
  • Eat
  • More
  • Splash
  • Bath
  • Banana
  • Cheerios
  • Book
  • Cheese
  • Cookie (sheʼs definitely my child!)
  • Cracker
  • Finished
  • Hot

Canʼt wait to see whatʼs next!