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Seattle Days 1-2

by Rebecca on 2010-09-28

Last week, William and I spent four days in Seattle. We left on Monday and came home on Friday and had a glorious time eating, walking around, sleeping in, and eating some more, without any real schedule or obligations.

Emily went to Grandma and Popʼs house for a few days, and by all accounts had a glorious time walking around, smiling, signing, and eating sweet treats. She even managed to grow two new teeth while we were gone, and I swear that she got taller.

On Monday, we flew to Seattle and checked into our hotel where we had this awesome view.

The Space Needle

We were pretty jet lagged after a long day of traveling, so we picked up dinner from Whole Foods (a little taste of home, I guess!) and watched my new favorite movie, a charming adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.

On Tuesday, the fun began. Actually, I mean that we pretty much ate our way through Seattle. We started with a food tour of the Pike Place Market.

Rebecca and William at Pike Place Market

Rebecca taking a break on a colorful bench

William stand on the street with a large sign in the background that reads
“Public Market”

A missionary in the crowd at Pike Place Market

We saw a missionary with his parents!

A man catches a flying fish at Pike Place Market

One of the guys in our group went behind the counter and caught a flying fish with his bare hands.

Rebecca standing next to a large bronze pig

This is Rachel the pig, and you can put coins into her to make donations to some worthy charity that I canʼt remember. William really wanted me to get on her back for this picture but that struck me as rather too agricultural.

Our tour guide Nick holding his pink umbrella

Our awesome tour guide Nick and his pink umbrella.

William with a wireless earpiece in his ear

Everyone in the tour wore these sexy listening devices, except for me, and William did a good job of keeping me up to speed. But really, I was there for the food, so it didnʼt bother me all that much.

Rebecca holding a small serving of clam chowder

Trying out the best clam chowder Iʼve ever had. Seriously, people!

A tray of cherry salsa

Trying out cherry salsa and cherry candies.

William smiling and tasting macaroni and cheese

William eating “the worldʼs best macaroni and cheese.” It was pretty amazing, except it was penne pasta, so Iʼm not sure where they get away calling it macaroni.

After all that eating, we needed to walk, so we headed to the waterfront and found more cool stuff.

William standing in front of a tall totem pole

William and Rebecca, the ocean in the background

Rebecca with a large red modern art sculpture and the Space Needle in the

Then we indulged our respective inner geeks and went to a Science Fiction Museum by the Space Needle.

A large model of the Enterprise

I know Iʼm about 40 years too late, but after seeing the new Star Trek movie last summer and Wrath of Khan only recently and loving them to pieces, Iʼm beginning to fear that I might be a budding Trekkie. And there was a good deal of Star Trek memorabilia at the museum.

A full-size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume

Ninja Turtles. I realize that Iʼm pretty much giving away my age by including this picture. Turtle power!

A humanoid monkey costume from Planet of the Apes

A wax figure of Charton Hestonʼs character from Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes was featured prominently at the museum. And all I could think about was how lifelike that statue of Charlton Heston was and this Simpsons episode. Creepy.


And hats off to Star Wars, of course!

Next to the Science Fiction Museum is this … thing called the Experience Music Project. Itʼs kind of like a museum to Jimi Hendrix (OK…) and then a bunch of sound booths where you can try your hand at different instruments. William was more adventurous than I was.

A column made of guitars

William playing with a sound board to create music

William playing guitar in a sound booth

The interior of the Experience Music Project

Rebecca standing outside a building with flowing metal walls

I really liked the crazy building that the Experience Music Project was in.

After all that geekiness, we were hungry again and had a ridiculously overpriced dinner at the restaurant atop the Space Needle. Our waitress had us pegged as LDS because we didnʼt order wine even though it was half off that night and because I was “just so nice.” And then she told us that she was baptized and raised LDS but didnʼt really practice anymore. What can you say to that except to nod politely? But then she took good pictures of us, and we were all friends again.

William and Rebecca at the top of the Space Needle

And thatʼs just the first part of our trip!