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Playing Around

by Rebecca on 2010-10-31

I realize that my previous post sounds a little cranky, so I thought Iʼd cheer things up by putting up some cute pictures of Emily.

Emily on a swing

Emily on a swing

Since Emily has started walking, shoes are a must. And itʼs turned into a serious shoe fetish for her. She loves her shoes, my shoes, Williamʼs shoes, anyoneʼs shoes. Iʼll find her going into her shoebox and pulling out shoes to try on. She goes into our closet and pulls out shoes to try on. In the car, she likes to take her shoes off and admire them. (Truth be told, Iʼm kind of proud of that. Shoe fetishes run in the family.)

She knows that putting on shoes = going outside, and sheʼll even go to her shoe box to pick out some shoes to tell me that sheʼs ready to go outside to play. Iʼm just glad that the weather is nice enough for us to indulge her. In case you were wondering about the brown sandals, those actually belong to our neighborʼs little boy who is 4 days younger than Emily. I babysat him last week, and Emily insisted on wearing his shoes. The pink flip flops are her absolute favorite shoes of all time. There will likely be some major drama when she outgrows them, unless someone has a pair of size 5 flip flops to give us.

Emily also loves going outside. Sheʼs figured out that our morning routine involves going outside to water the garden, and sheʼll go straight to the back door as if to advise me to hurry things along. While Iʼm watering my plants, sheʼs usually busy digging up the dirt and getting terrifically muddy (see her hands in the picture?) or pulling up the plant labels.

Emily with dirty hands

Emily with the broom

One of Emilyʼs lesser obsessions is with the broom. She loves to sweep the floor! I often need to sweep after she eats, and she gets so excited when she sees me pull the broom out of the laundry room. She sometimes even claps for joy. I usually let her play with the broom after Iʼm done because she gets kind of mad if I donʼt. I hope that I can channel that energy into some meaningful housecleaning someday.

Emily coloring on paper with crayons

Itʼs about time that Emily discovered crayons. This is my new favorite way to keep her busy for a good 20 minutes. One crayon each hand (or three…) and a piece of paper, and Emily is perfectly content to scribble. This saved us during sacrament meeting today, except for the part where she bit the tip off of Blue-Violet.

Emily sitting in a chair reading a newspaper

And last, I put this picture in here because Emily is the fourth generation to sit in this chair and read the paper. Thatʼs got to be good for family history. Or something.