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Token Halloween Post

by Rebecca on 2010-10-31

Last night was our wardʼs trunk or treat, which meant that about 70 families, complete with scary costumed kids, parked in our parking lot and handed out candy to unsuspecting passersby. In theory this was safer than going door to door in a strange neighborhood. But really?

It was dark, and our church parking lot is notoriously poorly lit. In true Mormon fashion, there were harried late comers racing to enter the parking lot which was swarming with short children. Plenty of people were wearing masks or face wraps, despite repeated instruction not to. Kids were running everywhere, and I imagine that parents with more than one child were having a devil of a time keeping track of everyone. You know, with one person handing out candy at the car, that leaves one parent to take all the kids trunk-or-treating. Emily wanted nothing more than to run around that dark, crowded parking lot, clutching in one hand a roll of Smarties and in the other hand a small battery. Yes, a battery. Where on earth did she find a battery? Iʼm just glad that I found it before she ate it. And last, this was pegged as a Fall Festival, but it was totally a Halloween party. So, after all that, Iʼm starting to feel pretty grinchy about Halloween.

But in case you were wondering, hereʼs what we looked like.

Halloween costumes