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Pioneer Farms

by Rebecca on 2011-01-28

I was in charge of picking a site for playgroup this week and decided to have the group meet at Pioneer Farms. Emily has long been obsessed with animals from her books and all the versions of “Old MacDonald” that we can possibly produce (did you know that he sometimes has a mouse, a frog, popcorn, and a baby on his farm, too?) I thought it was high time that she meet some honest to goodness farm animals, and Pioneer Farms did not disappoint. We met up with a few other friends and their kids and had a fabulous time exploring and enjoying the perfect 70 degree January day. Ahhh.

Emily looking at cows

Non plussed by the cows. They mooed and she blinked at them.

Rebecca and Emily at Pioneer Farms

Emily and chickens

Emily and chickens

She was pretty interested in the chickens, probably because they are just the right size for chasing. It didnʼt come to that, but I could tell that she really wanted to get her hands on those feathers.


Still trying to get into the chicken cage!

Emily and donkeys

This sequence of pictures makes me laugh. I canʼt believe Emily was brave enough to pet the donkey!

Emily and donkeys

Looks like the donkey liked having his nose scratched, much to Emilyʼs surprise

Emily and donkeys

Is it just me, or do the donkeys look like theyʼre smirking in the next two pictures?

Emily and donkeys

Sometimes, being a mom is pretty fun.