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Emilyʼs Geocaching Adventure

by William on 2011-02-26

Today Rebecca went to a Womenʼs Conference at church, so Emily and I went on a father-daughter date to the park. I invited some other fathers in the neighborhood, but nobody else could make it. But thatʼs okay!

The last time I took Emily to the park, I tried to find a geocache. I couldnʼt find it. But I read a few comments by some people that found it in the past, and I decided to try again.

Today Emily and I found it!

Emily and the geocache

We decided to take a walk down to the duck pond to try for another cache. We were feeling lucky! Also, Emily really wanted to “See ducks!” She repeated that phrase all the way to the pond. Except for when a dog passed us; then it was “Hi, dog! Bye dog!”

We also saw several bicycles. Emily calls them “sickle”, and whenever I try to tell her to call it a “bicycle”, she says, “Bye bye, sickle!”

We made it to the duck pond and we found the second geocache, too! We did a good job today.