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Setting the table

by Rebecca on 2011-03-03

Last night, Emily busied herself while I was making dinner. I was a bit preoccupied and didnʼt notice what she was up to until about halfway through the project. But this is the final result, and I think it is heart-breakingly precious.

Dinner table

A few answers to questions that you might have.

  • Those are cork trivets from IKEA, which are far less breakable than real plates. Emily is obsessed with them right now and is just tall enough to reach into the drawer to pull them out. One of them has a small (Emily-sponsored) bite out of it.
  • Yes, there are two forks for me and William. Because you can eat a lot faster if you have a fork in each hand.
  • Yes, she arranged everything there all by herself. I handed her the plastic cups but that was the extent of my assistance.

Not bad for an 18-month old!