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Photography Lesson

by William on 2011-03-26

Among other things, Rebecca gave me a pass to go on a photography field trip for my birthday. I signed up for this morningʼs session. Nine students and one instructor met at a coffee shop in east Austin with our point-and-shoot cameras, ready to learn.


To begin, Joel, our instructor, introduced us to several features on our cameras and explained how to use them: ISO, exposure compensation, metering, white balance, &c. Then he gave us some tips on composing photos: the rule of thirds, creative points-of-view, and perspective lines.


After the instruction, we started walking around and practicing what we learned. Joel was very helpful when I needed clarification or additional help.


I had a lot of fun! I learned a lot and I feel like I have a better idea of how to take much better pictures. These are just a few of the photos I shot today.


I think this next one will make a good desktop background.


The last one is an old telephone pole with no wires that has been taken over by the local plant life.

Telephone pole