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Welcome to Molly!

by Rebecca on 2011-12-18

Molly Ellen Jackson was born on December 14 at 2:22 pm. William did a great job of summing up the day she was born so Iʼll just use his words.

This morning I accompanied Rebecca to her regular weekly checkup. At the end of the checkup, her doctor had her sit for a Fetal Non-Stress Test. The doctor was not happy with the results, so he sent us upstairs to the ultrasound folks for a closer look.

The ultrasound technician spent 30 minutes looking for certain kinds of movement, which she did not see. The babyʼs heart was beating just fine, but she was just a little too good at being as still as can be. Back at the doctorʼs office with those results, we learned about our options and then went right over to the hospital to be induced.

After we got settled in the delivery room, I ducked out for two hours to make sure Emily was taken care of. I got back to the hospital just as Rebeccaʼs doctor was coming in to check on her again. During those two hours there was still not enough activity, so the doctor ordered a C-section (at about 2:00 this afternoon). At 2:22 Molly came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck three times and her legs twice more. Once she was free of the cord, she gave a beautiful cry. She and Rebecca are sleeping quite peacefully right now.

We are grateful for the care Rebeccaʼs doctor showed and his ability to spot trouble early. We know the Lord is watching over us. There is probably no way Molly would have survived a vaginal delivery.

So, there you have it. Weʼre so happy that sheʼs here, and in fine form to boot. I try not to think too hard about what wouldʼve happened if I hadnʼt made an offhand comment to my doctor about how she seemed to be moving around a little less, or how I was a little aggravated about being sent to the hospital for an induction. This is a story whose happy ending I am most thankful for, even if the delivery didnʼt go the way I originally wanted!

So far, Molly is a dream baby and has done little but eat and sleep. Just like her big sister, she cries only when something is wrong, and thatʼs usually easy to fix. Sheʼs pretty cuddly and loves being held, which suits us just fine. She has a thick shock of very dark and unruly brown hair, which only adds to her charm. I canʼt really tell who she looks like just yet, but I think that she might have Williamʼs mouth and a smile dimple on her left cheek.

As for me, my recovery from the C-section is going so well. I canʼt believe how much better I feel this time around — Emilyʼs delivery was much more difficult to recover from. But Iʼve had no complications from this delivery, and Iʼm walking around and getting to the bathroom without any assistance. Maybe Iʼm weird, but having a C-section really agrees with me.

This is the embarrassing part. We forgot to take our camera to the hospital, so the only pictures I have of Mollyʼs birthday are from Williamʼs cell phone. Iʼll do my best to get some better pictures up shortly, and then you can decide for yourself what to think of Molly.