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by Rebecca on 2012-01-01

First of all, I still canʼt wrap my head around the fact that I have two children. TWO! Thatʼs some serious mom cred right there. Weird. Anyway, one of the most frequently asked questions that I get is “How does Emily like having a sister?” (This is actually a pretty thoughtful question, so thanks to you for asking.) My usual answer is that there are good days and bad moments.

Rebecca, Emily, and Molly

When I was pregnant with Molly, we spent a lot of time talking to Emily about babies and what they were like and how we would have a new baby living with us at Christmas time. She was pretty excited about the thought of a new baby in our house, but I think that the reality has set in for her now — this baby ainʼt going anywhere. And thatʼs the part that is hard for her.

But babies are fascinating, especially to a two-year-old. The most fascinating thing about Molly, to Emily at least, is the fact that she gets poopy diapers, which are easily identified by the blue stripe on her diaper. Emily is always asking me whether Mollyʼs diaper has a blue line on it, and if it does, Emily wants to see the contents of the diaper. So, changing time is a spectacle at our house.

The other thing that is really fascinating is that Molly only eats milk. Emily seems to think that this is a very boring diet and is always trying to offer Molly something more tasty, like cookies (which is a natural complement to milk, after all) or orange juice. Itʼs very sweet, actually, and maybe in about 8 months Iʼll be able to channel that into some real help with mealtimes. Emily has also offered several times to nurse Molly herself. She would be about as successful as I am, so we are mostly bottle feeding this baby. I should let Emily help with the nighttime feedings, no?

But in all seriousness, I think that these two are going to be good buddies, just as soon as Molly starts to wake up a little more and do more interesting things than sleep and poop. Mollyʼs personality reminds me a lot of Emily — very even tempered and easy to soothe. They should get along just fine.

Emily and Molly