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Emily Starts Preschool

by Rebecca on 2012-09-06

Today, Emily started preschool! She will go to preschool twice a week from 9:30 to 1:30. Emilyʼs teacher is Miss Rachel, and there are eight kids in her class. The first thing that she told me when I picked her up is that they played outside on the playground. Important things! Emily also announced that Cassy is her friend. There was some talk about a boy named Gabriel, pronounced like “Gay. pause Breel.” I tried to ask about other things, and all I could get out of her was that she had a small snack of goldfish and sang “Three Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree.” (The snack must have been not so small because the remnants of Emilyʼs lunch box would suggest that she ate four chips, two baby carrots, maybe four blueberries, and a cheese stick for lunch. Awesome.)

So, today went OK. I didnʼt have any trouble dropping Emily off, though I did get a little lump in my throat leaving her there to play with Mega Blocks by herself and hoping hoping hoping that she would find another friend to play with soon. She looked so small and so grown up at the same time. When I picked her up, she smiled and came to me, but it was all very dignified. No running down the hall or clinging.

Emilyʼs first day at preschool

And what did I do? It was pretty exciting. I put away a ton of laundry, made cornbread and banana bread, played with Molly, and ate lunch by myself. I could get used to this.