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Molly on the Move

by Rebecca on 2012-09-07

I was looking through my blogs, and it appears that the last post I wrote about Molly is called “Mollyʼs Newborn Photos.” Well. That is kind of embarrassing because she will be nine months old next week. She is no longer a newborn. In fact, she is so much more than a newborn because now she can do this.

Molly charging up the stairs for the first time

Yep, thatʼs her charging up the stairs for the first time ever. And in true Molly fashion, there was no hesitation. Once the idea was in her head, she was determined to make it happen, and she did. Do you like how the picture is blurry? That is because she is fast!

Yesterday, Molly decided to spice things up a little with her exersaucer. The view must be more interesting from the bottom. She crawled right in all by herself and had a good time playing in her little hideout.

Molly under saucer 1

Molly under saucer 2

Thatʼs my Jolly Molly for you!