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The CROP Walk is upon us!

by William on 2008-02-27

Remember a few weeks ago when Rebecca talked about the CROP Walk? Well, the time has arrived. The Walk itself (and the deadline for donations) is this Saturday, March 1.

CROP stands for “Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty”. The money we raise helps combat poverty both locally and worldwide.

We are working as a team with our ward, and we invite you to donate to the CROP Walk cause; just visit the Shoal Creek Ward donation page (link removed) and click “General Team Donation” to donate to the general team, or click my name (William Jackson) to donate to our personal page. Regardless of which page you use to donate, the money goes to the same place, neither of which is me.

We will be sure to take plenty of pictures at the Walk and show you how much fun we had. This one is from last year:

William at the CROP Walk