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Saturday Fun!

by Rebecca on 2008-04-27

William and I had an amazing day yesterday. It was one of those days where you come home at the end and think, “This day really was as good as it sounds on paper.” It started out with an 8 a.m. session at the San Antonio Temple. We were there with a handful of friends from the Mount Bonnell Ward, our old singles ward, and itʼs always fun to see old friends. We also had some time at the end to do sealings. That was a good experience for me, because I remember so little of what was said in our sealing in November. Doing sealings yesterday was like being married all over again. The coolest thing is that we got to do a family sealing for two family names that our friend Tamara had brought to the temple that day.

Our next stop was the San Antonio East Stake Womenʼs Conference. We arrived just in time to hear the end of my dadʼs sweet talk. We stayed for lunch and were able to see a lot of old friends. I think that William felt a little like a fish out of water, being one of two men in a sea of at least 200 women (my dad was the other). But he still managed to win the centerpiece arrangement at our table. Lucky.

William and I stopped at TJ Maxx in San Antonio and came home with all kinds of goodies. For the home, we found a set of sassy red seat cushions for our kitchen chairs (to replace the rooster cushions that make everyone who sees them say, “Whatʼs up with your chicken cushions?”), a giant bottle of sesame oil (yum!), and some red melamine food prep bowls. And for me, we found shoes and a swimsuit. Pictures in a separate blog post, for those of you who donʼt like long blogs. And then we bought a big fancy 4-in-1 printer/scanner/copier/fax machine at Best Buy.

And then we had dinner with my parents and grandmothers in New Braunfels. What a great day!